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summer edition

Club Music

Dear Friends!
If You have found something interesting here, and You have few minutes, please, vote for this web site in Russian "Enthusiast Internet Award" competition:
Page for voting is here
Thank You!

Renaissance & Global Underground - everybody who likes club music, knows these names. These labels develop the progressive music for more than 10 years.
The first mix from one of these labels, which I have listened to, was Robert Miles part of double CD set Renaissance Worldwide (the first CD was recorded by Dave Seaman - unfortunately, I didn't listened to it), it was in about 1998. It was exciting! Having no such music almost at all for easy access, we were highly delighted by this mix. The music You have just now heard in your favourite Quadro club, is always with You. Starting from first track to Way Out West - Drive By and further to the last track, I feeled like I'm on my favourite dancefloor.
The second mix, which had the most important influence on my music taste, was, of course, the GU compilation from Sasha - Global Underground 013 Ibiza - I think, many people had grown up in their music favours with this mix in their ears, and these people become the fans of beautiful, high quality, progressive music.
So, what is it all I'm saying for? That's why: in the end of 2004 GU & Renaissance has opened the remix contest for one of tracks from anniversary CD Renaissance The Mix Collection. Here is some information:
I have tried to participate in this contest with two tracks. I have no positive result indeed :) But I have made a few new tracks.
Actually, all my tracks were "raw", unfinished (and so they are now), but I'd like to publish these tracks now... Even in that semi-finished condition - I think that these could be interesting for somebody:
Version 1(11.1 MB)
Version 3(11.3 MB)
Version 4(7.8 MB)
Version 5(8.4 MB)

Finally, this is the record of radio program "New Forms" at "Roks-region" station (Krasnodar, Russia). This record was made in June 2004. Actually this is not the whole program, but the cut where my tracks play.
I've divided this record into few parts, but together they are the one continuous cut:
New Forms - June 2004 - part 1(2.25 MB)
New Forms - June 2004 - part 2(2.47 MB)
New Forms - June 2004 - part 3(2.60 MB)
New Forms - June 2004 - part 4(1.85 MB)
New Forms - June 2004 - part 5(1.72 MB)
New Forms - June 2004 - part 6(1.59 MB)
New Forms - June 2004 - part 7(3.70 MB)
New Forms - June 2004 - part 8(1.35 MB)
New Forms - June 2004 - part 9(4.17 MB)
New Forms - June 2004 - part 10(2.43 MB)

And here is one more track from me (it's been a long time I didn't published anything...)
Star Cruiser

I think, we could finish our voting for "Do we need club music download to mobile phones from this site?". Here are the results:
Yes, even if I have to send SMS for it.56 (22%)
Yes, but if it will be fully for free only.90 (35%)
No, I've got enough hit tracks to download32 (12%)
Give me more mp3's! F..k sms!74 (29%)
Total voted: 252

What can I say? It seems like everyone wants to have everything for free :) Let it be - we will not make such service for now, since there are enough .mp3's at this site.

As soon as I have no time to finish the rest chapters of site, here's one more track:)
Mystical Cadence

Birth of my son in last year has inspired me to make this track :)

As I promised earlier, one more part of site is functioning!
Check the Conversations. On this time I am repairing the messages from previous site...

Next on-line track is mysterious breaks club starter:

Now it's time to refresh the list of my favourite tracks at the moment. Now they are only 15, chosen from shit, coming through my ears during these 2 months.
The tracks are not numered so, as last time. But now most of them are at places, where they could appear in mix.

* George Bitsikas - Eleventh Never Leave Me (The Face Remix)
* Hyper - Twisted Emotion (Metric Mix)
* Karim Haas - The Rudder (Original Mix)
* Karim Haas - The Rudder (Mike Viera Groovenergy Mix)
* Chris Cargo - Warning
* Rocco Mundo and Onno ft. Mirlo - Je't Aime (Original Mix)
* Martin H - Tromb (Alex Joon Remix)
* C Jay and Eelke Kleijn ft. Chivers - Nachtangst
* Javith & Salazar - Orinoco (Original Mix)
* Javith & Salazar - Orinoco (Sergio Fernandez Mix)
* Coldfusion - Tribe Summoning (Dub Mix)
* Joy Marquez - Buggin Dreamer (Jose Spinning Tribe Teck Mix)
* Tony Thomas - Plazma
* Angel Lopez - Third Rebirth
* Hypnos - Red Lines


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